Online language lessons for business

Our Business Language Courses are customised to improve students’ communication skills related to their work.

Depending on students’ requirements the following aspects can give you an idea of what the lessons can be focused on: 
Speaking: presentations, phone calls, meetings, negotiations etc. 
Writing: reports, essays, letters, price offers, valuations etc.

Vocabulary related to communication in day-to-day situations at work, orientation in the company, names of departments and their functions, intercultural tips, receptive understanding and interpretation of charts, curves and graphs, reading timetables, managing, cancelling, fixing appointments as well as information on your company, product and services will be part of a business language course – always tailor-made to the individual requirements of the student. 

We cater for diverse segments like academics, office, finance, automotive, technical professionals, medical professions (nursing, hospital), and many more. As many of our tutors are not only language teachers but also come from other professional backgrounds, we will match the most suitable tutor to the individual requirements of every single student.