General language online lessons

Our general language courses are highly individualised to students’ needs and requirements.

Milengua tutors use a wide range of different materials in class, based on the outlines of the Common Europe Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  That includes for example: 

  • Face to face interaction with native speakers.
  • Overhearing conversations; listening to radio, recordings, etc.
  • Watching and listening to TV, video, etc..
  • Reading unmodified, ungraded, authentic written texts (newspapers, magazines, stories, novels, public signs and notices, etc.).
  • A combination of presentations, explanations, (drill) exercises and exploitation activities, 
  • Direct exposure to specially selected (e.g. graded) spoken utterances and written texts in the target language (‘intelligible input’).
  • Progressively reducing the use of native language and including more tasks and authentic texts, spoken and written, and an increasing self-study component.
  • Combining the above with group and individual planning, implementation and evaluation of classroom activity with teacher support, negotiating interaction to satisfy different learner needs, etc.  

Our lessons take place using video calling software such as Skype, Skype for Business, MS Teams, Zoom, Google Hangout, Google Meet, FaceTime or WhatsApp. Your tutor will take  your preference into account and make the technical requirements as easy as possible. We use a web-based “word”-document in class that serves as a whiteboard in real time. It also allows the student to focus on speaking and listening while the tutor is taking notes that are available for the student at any time – not only during the lesson.