About us

We are a small, personal company, and everything is from a single source. Julia Fischer is responsible for the management, customer care, teacher support, website, and marketing.

About 25 professional and native speaking tutors teach at milengua. They have their backgrounds in the educational field or studied “something related to language” (e.g. magisterium, philology, translation, journalism, social science, pedagogy). Besides, they are awfully nice. 

We are a language school and our tutors work under the same conditions and prices with comparable methods and principles. 

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What we do

milengua offers language courses through Skype, Google Hangouts and other video conferencing tools for individuals, couples, employees and children. Group courses are available on request. Our courses are designed individually according to students’ personal requirements, but follow the CEFR guidelines and other standards for foreign language learners. An overview of the most popular course options can be found here.

Finding the right teacher

The first step with milengua is to arrange a free demo lesson. Please fill in the short form we provide. Based on your data, we will connect you with the most appropriate teacher. We will select the tutor according to your availability (e.g. Tuesdays, 9:00 am) as well as according to your individual wishes (e.g. business language course) and previous knowledge (e.g.Spanish mother tongue). This teacher is presented to you for the demo lesson and if you are satisfied, (s)he will then become your nominated course tutor. If you think it’s necessary, you can also change the tutor at any time. Remember, however, that you will learn best in a long-term personal relationship with a teacher.

What languages does milengua offer

Our language school is specialized in German as a foreign language, but also offers courses for plenty of other foreign languages. On our booking page, you can find the offers of our core team. For other foreign languages, we can also help you with online teachers who will receive methodology training to comply with our high milengua standards.

What’s a class session like?

“Standard” classes are 45 minutes each and fairly similar to traditional face-to-face lessons: Working with CEFR appropriate materials in each lesson your teacher will introduce a new topic, related vocabulary and in-bedded grammar. Students get familiar with the new content, will do exercises and above all will apply the language. Homework will make sure the content will be consolidate and revision at the start of each lesson helps to establish new structures. Homework will be corrected by the teacher outside the lesson so that you only spend time on it during a class in case you have any further questions. ​ Also, we have classes that focus more on daily or work related conversations, on reading articles, books etc. as well as preparation for internationally accredited language exams or naturalization. You can change your learning goals anytime simply by letting your tutor know.

What people say

I have long working days and there is hardly any time for other things. With milengua, I can learn German at any time – with flexible and individual lessons – from home, in the office or on my business trips. It is very practical, effective and inexpensive.

John Dow

We decided three years ago to work as medical professionals in Germany. The beginning was very hard for us, especially with the communication in German. To attend group language courses, was almost impossible due to our changing working hours. Therefore, the recommendation of a friend, to learn German with milengua was ideal for us.We opted for a course as a couple and have managed to come up with only 1-2 hours per week in 3 years from A2 to C1 level.We are now confident with all conversational topics at work and with friendsand thanks to milengua and our language skills we really feel at home in Southern Germany.

Sandra & Luis, University Hospital, Ulm, Germany

I have already learned some German at school but when I came to Germany at the age of 34, I had forgotten almost everything. The courses in a language school were rather boring and there was little practice. Therefore milengua is ideal for me and I’m glad, I found it. With my teacher I arrange quite flexible dates, can do sometimes more or less homework, depends on my workload. The lessons and the teacher are quite demanding, but it is also a lot of fun and while speaking with colleagues, I always notice that I can understand and say a bit more in German.

Magnus, Ing-Diba, Germany

I am not very keen to offer reviews but my experience with milengua over the past two years has been just very positive. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a language flexibly. Many of my work colleagues took the advice and are also enrolled to bi-weekly classes. I might say it is probably the best online option currently in the market.

Mauricio, ResponsAbility, Switzerland